Work Samples

It’s always nice to see project examples; however, it’s much better to experience it yourself.  Every business is different, and not everyone is meant to work together.  That’s why I recommend a discovery project.  Let’s see if my creation techniques fit your style!

Featured Projects

LabelTec, INC – B2B Printer

Website, Content, and Branding

LabelTec has been around Northern Colorado since sweater socks and hairspray were cool.  For the homepage, we focused on drawing attention to their unique labels and veered away from too much talk. Once I updated their homepage, product pages, and blog to be friendlier on the eyes to new visitors, we saw a jump in traffic, followed by an increase in the number of quote requests (their primary call to action).
Analytics improvement
Quote form conversion.
Conversion improvement

The product page has performed beautifully over the last several months. It’s shown to be one of the top-performing pages that leads customers into the Get a Quote form.

The peel-back or extended content labels have also performed extraordinarily well, continually sending people to the Quote page.


Behavior flow from the product page.
Behavior flow from the extended content page.

Most of the pages required leads-driven copywriting; however, a few pages didn’t, including the about page. This page continues to be a heavy hitter with new visitors. The page leads them further into the site, and we generally see a return visit within a month.

Additional Writing Samples

Website pillar content about cattle handling for a behavior consultant who worked with Temple Grandin.
Copywriting, Print Advertisement for a local restaurant. Click the image to enlarge.
Website copywriting for Dr. John G. Atwater, Spine Surgeon. Click the image to see the website!
Here are several copywriting samples from various industries. Click the image to see the document.
Restaurant Community Page
EBook writing, editing, and design.
Blog Post for Stock Donator: 7 Things Every Donor Should Know About Stock Gift Donations
Blog Post: 5 Pain Relief Tips
Blog Post: Hemp Label Requirements: What You Should Know

eLearning Content Samples

elearning content icon
Interactive ELearning conten. Click the image to demo the project.
elearning content icon
ELearning content, Visual Aid. Click the image to pull up the PDF.
elearning content icon
ELearning content, Trivia Game. Click the image to demo the project.