Work Samples

This page will always be in development. I try to update it every three to six months, unless the content is labeled ‘evergreen.’

Content Writing Samples

This material includes informational pages, posts, newsletters, and other writing materials. Click the images to see the piece.

Restaurant Community Page
EBook writing, editing, and design.
About page for this printer. They have been open for more than 30 years.
Blog Post for Stock Donator: 7 Things Every Donor Should Know About Stock Gift Donations
Blog Post: 5 Pain Relief Tips
Blog Post: Hemp Label Requirements: What You Should Know

Copywriting Samples

Website Copywriting Home Service
Website copywriting for Mr. San Can Bin Cleaning Service. Click the image to see the website!
Website copywriting for Dr. John G. Atwater, Spine Surgeon. Click the image to see the website!
Website Copywriting Label Industry
Website copywriting for LabelTec Packaging and Custom Labels. Click the image to see the website!
Copywriting, Print Advertisement for a local restaurant. Click the image to enlarge.
Here are several copywriting samples from various industries. Click the image to see the document.

More Coming Soon...

eLearning Content Samples

eLearning Content Interactive Matching
ELearning content, Interactive. Click the image to demo the project.
eLearning Content Visual Aid
ELearning content, Visual Aid. Click the image to pull up the PDF.
eLearning Content Trivia Game
ELearning content, Trivia Game. Click the image to demo the project.
ELearning content, Click, match, and learn interactive project. Click the image to demo.