The Top 5 Most Common Marketing Problems


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Inexperience or Understaffing

Simply put, there are too many roles to fill and not enough talented people to fill them. You may have a web designer, but do you have an SEO specialist?  Or how about an ads and conversion manager?  Even if you have someone willing to learn, there’s only so much they can do with their time, and marketing is a complex and time-intensive industry.  

Difficulty With Report Interpretation

How do you know what to look at and for to determine if you’re getting anything in return for the marketing investment?  The data is so immense that I nearly just broke down a bit.  Have you ever seen these reports?  Google Analytics, SERP analysis, ranking reports, Content Reviews, SEO audits, conversion analysis, ROI tracking, etc. etc. etc., they’re enough to keep you busy and make you dizzy. 

Team Communication Breakdown  

No or bad communication keeps the team and executives in the dark. Without a good strategy or reporting structure, there’s no way to adjust the campaigns to meet the ever-growing and persistent demands of the modern-day consumer. 

Marketing teams need to understand the effect of what they do in order to stay motivated and creative.  Defining goals, constantly discussing what a win looks like, and reviewing the reports regularly will go a long way to helping the team stay focused and efficient. 

Disconnect between team and executives

You know that stomach-dropping feeling you get when you learn something shocking?  Like, “hey, someone just signed up for a credit card in your name with your social.”  You immediately want to panic and shut everything down, go into self-preservation mode, put up your defenses, and get ready to fight. 

That’s what happens when there’s no comprehensive reporting strategy in place and the marketing manager can’t show the business why it’s forking out money every month for your service. 

Without a clear indication of what worked, what didn’t, and what broke even, the marketing manager will find themselves up shit’s creek with their clients or bosses.

When executives or decision makers aren’t involved with the planning, delivery, or execution of the marketing strategy, there tends to be a complete breakdown in understanding and an abundance of doubt in whether the manager is worth their investment. 

Bottom line:  Show your work, prove your efforts, communicate clearly, and try to get executives engaged in the strategy.

Unable to close the loop with the sales team

So, you’re getting lots of leads through your website, and maybe you’ve seen an increase in digital sales; however, sales don’t seem to be growing, and you don’t seem to be getting any new customers.  If that sounds familiar, there’s a gap between sales and marketing. 

The 2 most common gaps in the marketing-sales loop are:

  1. The marketing team doesn’t hand off leads/conversions properly or effectively.
  2. The sales team doesn’t have a system in place to nurture or improve the leads or conversions.


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