Performance Measures of Customer Churn in a Logistic Regression Model

September 19, 2021 Customer churn is an important metric for service companies like telecommunications. Retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones (Gallo, 2014). Therefore, a good predictive model can help organizations anticipate and prevent customer churn. In this project, five performance measures are calculated on the telecommunication company customer churn logistic regression model; […]

The Curiosity Shop Data Model

March 5, 2022  The Curiosity Shop is expanding its database applications to include a simplified inventory system and employee and customer data storage. Management would like to see an entity-relationship diagram that establishes a blueprint for the new design. The shop has provided sample tables for Sales and Purchased Items with some overlapping columns and […]

Order Entry Statements (SQL Part 2)

March 20, 2022 For the second part of the project, I again used the Customer, Order, and Employee tables found in Database design, application development and administration (pgs. 73-74). The tables were created in the Relational Data Model entry; therefore, this project focuses on writing SQL statements to insert the data and then view the […]

Relational Data Model for Order Entry Table (SQL Part 1)

Relational Data Model – Order Entry Table Creation February 27, 2022 For this SQL project, I used the Customer, Order, and Employee tables provided in Database design, application development and administration. The focus for this project was to create the database and tables and then demonstrate the appropriate connections between these tables in an entity-relationship […]