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SEO Blog Writing – 6 Great Ways to Rank

We’re coming to the end of the year, which will be chaos in motion for most business owners; however, nobody wants to repeat their mistakes. Taking a closer look at what you’ve done and what’s worked in the past will help you press on successfully into next year. You can also try some new things by researching content marketing and SEO blog writing.

Here are some tips we’ve learned along the way about writing for SEO.

What You Know About SEO Blog Writing Is Outdated

Oh, did you see that flash? That’s all the technology you had yesterday outpacing your sleep-wake cycle. Everything changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up, and SEO is no different.

First, a lot of what you know now is outdated. In fact, what you know about writing SEO content could be penalized by the search engines. That’s certainly not the result you were looking for, is it?! While you can outsource your SEO blog writing, you want to be sure the SEO agency you hire is up-to-date on the most valid algorithm changes and best practice guidelines.

Hiring an SEO Agency

One way to check if the SEO agency you’re looking to work with is good is to read their blog, website, and social media posts. There should be ample content in all spots. Do they have a Google, Bing, and Yahoo listing? How are their reviews? Are they on Yelp and other recognizable websites?

SEO is a nearly $80 billion industry, but there are a lot of tricksters out there! Do your due diligence and research the agency before signing any agreements or paying them any money. Ask for case studies, get professional references, digitally stalk them (in a non-creepy way). Do what you can to learn who they are behind the scenes.

We write regularly on many topics in marketing, and SEO is one of our favorite acts. We have several testimonials, and our content marketing services have helped local and national businesses grow in traffic, lead generation, and sales.

Content marketing is an umbrella for devising a plan that best reaches your audience using SEO and other proven methods to make visitors feel comfortable buying from you.

What Not To Do With SEO Content

Times have changed. When I talk about SEO with new clients, there’s always someone in the room that goes “UGH!” What seemed right about SEO blog writing at the turn of the century is not viable now. Some outdated SEO practitioners are still using tricks that hurt you in the long run.

For example, there’s a practice called “keyword stuffing,” which makes you look like a fake spammer. There’s no personality or logic to the writing. You end up overwhelming readers with keywords on the page, sometimes even using tons of word variants to increase relevance in search engines. But, search engines are more sophisticated now.

Things are only going to continue to change as artificial intelligence becomes more refined and intuitive. I don’t think we’re looking at a Robot apocalypse, but we are looking at some pretty sophisticated technology when it comes to search engines. Be sure to ask many questions about how this potential SEO agency handles SEO content and how they plan to get you higher in search rankings.

If you don’t understand what they’re saying, they’re not the right fit.

What You Should Do With SEO Blog Writing

“Content is King” has taken a new stance in the SEO writing world. Now, content is looked at based on relevance and quality, not how keyword-rich it is. Keywords must be strategically placed and are still important, but how well an article answers a consumer’s question or search query is more important.

Here are a few measures you can take as you write for SEO:

  1. Put keywords logically in your image Alt tag. Google images get quite a bit of search traffic.
  2. Use words for related topics to your primary keywords, like mentioning a specific neighborhood associated with your city.
  3. Meet multiple user intentions when they search for your keyword. This means mixing visuals with lists, for example.
  4. Do reverse searching, meaning search for your keywords and see what is relevant in the search engines. Follow suit.
  5. Use headlines and title tags that sway a user to click your page first. Be compelling!
  6. Most importantly, write quality content, include your keywords, do the on-page SEO, and have a formula for your SEO content.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list, but it will go a long way to helping you understand just how intricate the process can be. That’s why we want to be your SEO Agency – we know what we’re doing, and we genuinely want to help. The helm is driven by knowledge, experience, and research. Moreover, we want you to be informed so you can test the waters wherever you go for help with your SEO writing.


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