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It’s a lot of work to manage marketing content.

You’ve got websites, landing pages, emails, blogs, social posts, advertisements, and content marketing materials. And we can’t forget about sales collateral, training documents, mission statements, slogan development, and market research. There are other things you could be doing. Let’s see if I can help.

Services Offered

It’s all about the intent. What should your content do?

Content Marketing

Communicate & Delight

Content Types

Blogs, informational website pages, newsletters, long-form writing, infographics, training materials, video scripts, etc.

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Convert & Sell

Content Types

Advertisements, advertorials/landing pages, subscription/squeeze pages, upsell pages, product descriptions, email marketing, etc.

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What My Clients Say…


I am a social media DUMMY and Rachael was able to explain everything in a way even I could understand, and get me some leads in the process. Go Team!!!

Alan King
Real Estate Agent

She quickly grasps the message and then mobilizes her impressive command of the language to successfully reach your target market...

Founder EvenBetter Coaching
Email Marketing

She did a great job getting me started with my newsletter... very responsive, and I always felt like doing a good job was personal for her.

Miriam Bellamy

Everything Starts with Words

One thing I love about the English language is its diversity.  Its enormous, ever-growing vocabulary has quirks and rules that make it the most difficult language in the world to learn.

We think in words and images that are formed by words.  They’re powerful tools that can be used to harm or heal, excite or terrify.  They can be used to bring happiness or explosive anger, to inspire compassion or to encourage hatred. 

As a professional writer who regularly communicates with the public on behalf of clients, it’s my duty and responsibility to take that seriously.

Lead rhymes with read.

Lead also rhymes with read.

English is weird.

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