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Medical Marketing Branding Case Study

Medical Marketing Case Study – OSA

Website, Content Marketing, and Branding

Healthcare is under constant change, the biggest of which is that patients are the consumers, not the insurance companies. With easy access to public reviews and alternative options, doctors and healthcare systems are in a competitive marketplace. They’re expected to meet patients online.

Medical providers like Dr. Atwater can earn the trust of new patients, referring providers, and legal teams by having a consistent brand, an active online presence, and a considerate content strategy that aims to help people get through an orthopedic healing journey. 


About OSA

Ortho Spine America is an orthopedic surgical clinic on the Treasure Coast of Florida, owned and operated by Dr. John G. Atwater.  Dr. Atwater is one of the top 50 spinal surgeons in the U.S. He brings to the clinic a passion for patient health education because he knows that great outcomes come from engaged patients and AAA practitioners—those who are astute, accountable, and affable. By helping patients stay calm and positive in the face of extreme pain and worry, Dr. Atwater and his talented team aim to have the best recovery averages across the state.

The Problem

In 2015, Dr. Atwater worked with a consultant to establish a digital presence for his new clinic. Unfortunately, he spent close to $200,000 dollars on a big, bulky, nonresponsive website and what he dubbed an “uninspired” brand. The website graphics were designed for print and desktop screens only, and there was no way for patients to securely request appointments or actively participate in their healthcare plan. Dr. Atwater halted the project and was ready to cut his losses.   

The Solution

After thorough discussion with Dr. Atwater and his team at OSA, I understood the pain he felt at the losses taken while working with inexperienced, outdated, and disorganized consultants. We met him where he was in the difficult journey of starting a new business—at the beginning.

Given the extent of his displeasure, I opted to do a total overhaul of his website.  His clinic was about to launch, and he wanted a plan for version 1. 

I built a strategic plan with cost predictions for a new, modern brand along with a responsive website, HIPAA-secure forms, and a digital content library for “seekers.” Major milestones included:

  1. Logo and brand identity
  2. Brand messaging, standards, and guidelines
  3. Content marketing plan
  4. Website design wireframe and mockups
  5. Content creation
  6. Website design
  7. Integration with EMR
  8. HIPAA-secure form design and integration
  9. Content marketing plan deployment (blogs, landing pages, content magnets, email newsletters, etc.)


Some of the overarching goals included:

  • Building a brand standards and guidelines.
  • Designing a dynamic, responsive website that would serve as a hub of orthopedic surgical information.
  • Creating HIPAA secure forms to make requesting appointments and filling out new patient paperwork faster and more convenient.
  • Create a content marketing strategy that would drive more traffic to the website and build brand awareness.

Primary S.M.A.R.T. Goal:  To increase organic traffic by 25% month over month (approximately 2,200 visitors per month by December 2019). 

Secondary S.M.A.R.T. Goal:  To get 5-7 new appointment requests per month, coming in from organic sources (60-84 requests/year).

The Results

We built their website intending to be an orthopedic resource, and we created more than 600 pages to index, including infographics, videos, and an eBook!


The page continues to grow in popularity on the site, demonstrating significant increase in organic visits to the page and a 10-12% conversion rate (downloads). 


The consistent branding and messaging across the website have led to greater increase in traffic. For brand awareness and content strategy, we used organic website traffic as KPIs. 

Annual Comparison

We started the project in early 2018, so we first compared 2019 to all of 2018. 

2,248% Increase in Website Visits

Quarter Comparison 2018-2019

We looked at a shorter time frame to get another perspective.  We compared the 4th Quarter of 2018 with the 4th Quarter of 2019.

1,821% Increase in Website Visits

Six-Month Comparison 2019

We also looked at the last six months of 2019 and compared it to the first half of the year. 

324% Increase in Website Traffic

For measuring whether the website was becoming a reliable resource, we looked at blog visits and engagement for those posts in 2019: 

Most Visited Pages

8 of the top 10 pages were blog posts and videos.


Our secondary S.M.A.R.T. goal was to get 5-7 new appointment requests per month, coming in from organic sources (60-84 requests/year).  All responses are confirmed appointments. 

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