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Rachael Herman

Business Message/Focus

The restaurant is focused on local partnerships, sustainability, and healthy eating. 

The Promotion

The promotion was for a limited-time item that would be featuring a special vegetable from a local farmer.  Customers had to pre-order for pickup on scheduled days.


The Marketing Budget

We had a small marketing budget of $100 for this single promotion, and there would be no paid advertising.

The Results

Digitally, of the 5,000 people who were reached, 125 of them went to the landing page to see what this was all about. 

Of those, 25 quarts of soup were ordered by 14 people.  That’s a visitor-to-lead conversion (also referred to as a CTR or click-through rate) of 2.5% and a lead-to-customer conversion of 11.2%. Lead to sale is 20%. Those are good conversions for an organic promotion.

All other sales were made in-store or over the phone for total net sales of $702.  The client spent $450 making the item and, with marketing costs (we were under budget), ROI was calculated to be 1.7, or 170%.

Not a great return, but it is positive, so there’s room for PPC planning. 

What We Recommended

We recommended increasing exposure by adding pay-per-click on Google and Facebook.  If we increase exposure to 50,000 digital views by adding just $200 to that part of the budget, we could improve ROI to about 3-5, based on the above conversion rates. 

We’d focus on driving traffic to a specific landing page using UTM codes to watch and properly target the ad.  We also recommended doing long-term digital marketing through inbound methods to improve long-term growth, sales, and customer retention. 


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