Course Samples

Note, clicking on the links below will take you to review the course on my Articulate account.  It will open in a new tab or window.

Employee Health Course

Health and wellness online learning course example

This course does not have interactive material.  It is a basic outlined course that would do well on a website without an LMS for grade and progress recording. 

Field Guide Training

The auto body shop offers field training to their mechanics.  This course includes some interactive material, which means you’ll want to use an LMS.

Anatomy and Physiology

Online academic course content sample healthcare

This is a small lesson of an advanced A&P course offered to surgical first assistants. There is interactive content, as well as a game to test, and it all went into their LMS.

Interactive Click & Reveal

elearning content icon

This activity is a simple click to reveal interaction that teaches about the top three types of content in an SEO content marketing plan.

Interactive Learning Game

elearning content icon

Race for the Treasure is an interactive learning game for an anatomy class. It’s about body cavities.  Try your hand at the game and see if you get them right!

Interactive Learning Game

elearning content icon

This learning game is for the same anatomy class, but it covers surgical positions.  Play and see if you can match all the positions.