Video Store Database in PostgreSQL

Project Description Johnson Video Store owners are implementing their first relational database to replace paper files and scattered digital records. There are three files in this repository. Meta data was created and stored in a separate excel file. Database tables outlined in the metadata document were created using PostgreSQL to develop and execute a SQL […]

Statistical Analysis of Telecommunications Churn with Income Prediction

June 12, 2022 This project will analyze the Telco_Extra.xls dataset to perform descriptive statistics on several variables including age, years at current address, gender, level of education, income, marital status, region, customer category (custcat), and churn. Statistical evaluations will investigate customer churn rates to help telecommunications companies better retain future customers. Churn rate is a […]

Analysis of Z-Scores for the mtcars Dataset

May 8, 2022 For this project, I will use the R program to analyze data in the mtcars dataset. The dataset information was called first, after which the string_vector code was used to analyze eight of the ten variables. Following this code, the sapply function calculated the mean, standard deviation, and maximum values for those […]

Stock Prices and Return Series for Google and Amazon

May 22, 2022 For this project, R statistical program is used to construct time series (line) plots for Google and Amazon stock prices and return series. Further, discussion of an appropriate test is performed to claim that Amazon has a higher mean return series than Google. Null and alternative hypotheses are provided, tests performed in […]

Order Entry Statements (SQL Part 2)

March 20, 2022 For the second part of the project, I again used the Customer, Order, and Employee tables found in Database design, application development and administration (pgs. 73-74). The tables were created in the Relational Data Model entry; therefore, this project focuses on writing SQL statements to insert the data and then view the […]

Relational Data Model for Order Entry Table (SQL Part 1)

Relational Data Model – Order Entry Table Creation February 27, 2022 For this SQL project, I used the Customer, Order, and Employee tables provided in Database design, application development and administration. The focus for this project was to create the database and tables and then demonstrate the appropriate connections between these tables in an entity-relationship […]