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B2B website design and content marketing example

B2B Case Study – LabelTec, INC

Website, Content, and Branding

LabelTec has been around Northern Colorado since sweater socks and hairspray were cool.  For the homepage, we focused on drawing attention to their unique labels and veered away from too much talk.

Once I updated their homepage, product pages, and blog to be friendlier on the eyes to new visitors, we saw a jump in traffic, followed by an increase in the number of quote requests (their primary call to action).

WordPress Website SEO Graph
Analytics improvement
Conversion Improvement
Quote Form Conversions

The product page has performed well. It’s shown to be one of the top-performing pages that leads customers into the Get a Quote form.

Products page

The peel-back or extended content labels have also performed extraordinarily well, continually sending people to the Quote page.

Peel-back labels page
Behavior flow from the product page.
Behavior flow from the extended content page

Most of the pages required leads-driven copywriting; however, a few pages didn’t, including the about page. This page continues to be a heavy hitter with new visitors. The page leads them further into the site, and we generally see a return visit within a month.

About page

To go along with the quote form and the client’s desire to be “friendlier” and more communicative in their marketing materials, I created a 4-part email welcome series that boosted deal closings by 10% in the first three months.  Emails were sequenced to be sent within the first week of requesting the quote, adding four additional touchpoints in their sales process.  Further touchpoints came from one-on-one negotiations and meetings as outlined by the below “responsibility” map. 

The customer’s original website was old, outdated, and plainly designed with lots and lots of white space.  They were dissatisfied with the appearance. 

Partnering with Jeremy Parks, I helped design and edit all the pages on this site.  One of my favorites campaign pages is listed below and you can get to it from here as well.  Each of them carry their own weight in the search engines.  Enjoy!

Cannabis page design and copywriting quarterly comparison
Cannabis website page traffic comparison.

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