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Since 2015

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Why I'm Here; Where I'm Going

There's a solution to every problem, or there's a problem to every solution; it's how you look at it.

Me, Just Now

Solving problems for businesses, designing branded websites, and creating content that’s useful, relevant, profitable, and engaging are the most enjoyable parts of my job. I use sales and marketing science in each project, helping business owners, marketing managers, project developers, and many others capture new leads, generate new sales, and have an overall better online experience.  

I know how difficult it is to put thoughts and ideas to paper and then bring them to life. Things get in the way of those dreams.  When I was a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Then, I became homeless, so those dreams shifted to finding a job, eating real food, and sleeping in a warm bed (or at least on a warm floor). 

I had to quit school and go to work at menial jobs to make ends meet (which they never did quite sufficiently). I started freelancing in 2008 to make some extra cash writing junk copy and making clunky websites for SEO mills.  It was a good learning experience, but I wanted something more. I wanted my content and designs to do something.  

I studied on my own time. Free webinars and training courses, expert advice on forums, industry-leading blogs—you name it, I went looking for it.  I studied content and inbound marketing methods from HubSpot—the industry’s leader—and I spent some time on free eLearning platforms developing skills. I even tried to go back to college a few times, to no avail. It just wasn’t possible to get a degree the traditional way. 

Instead, I used my writing, SEO, research, and sales skills to dive into website design, copywriting, and content strategy for healthcare companies, retail providers, restaurants, and business-to-business service providers, among others.

Now, after over a decade in content marketing, website design, and web copywriting, I have a dream to shift into computer science and web app development. I’m in the throes of learning that now as a Management Information Systems student at CSU-GC, set to graduate at the end of 2022.  I’m ready to continue serving business owners and marketing managers on their digital marketing journey. 

If you made it this far on my about page, it’s probably worth having a conversation with me about your project. Start with a free consult with quote. It’ll give us something to talk about.