Why I'm Here; Where I'm Going

“There’s a solution to every problem, or there’s a problem to every solution; it’s how you look at it.” 

Like most other people, I find it hard to talk about myself, so we’ll start with the basics.

I LOVE writing. It is, without question, the most enjoyable part of my job. There’s so much creativity that goes into writing anything, especially when it’s for someone else. It’s one of my greatest joys.

I know how difficult it is to put thoughts and ideas to paper with a start-to-end story. Having made that possible for hundreds of businesses, I’ve been able to watch them enjoy the benefits of my hard work – extra traffic, increased sales, better reviews, and hotter leads.

I’ve been a professional freelance writer since 2008 and working full-time for myself since 2014. I’ve been creating learning materials since 2012, with a heavy focus on healthcare education.

From PowerPoints to animated videos and visual aids, my materials are colorful and vivid to attract and help all kinds of learners.

Over the last year, I’ve delved into Adobe Captivate to bring these learning materials to life for users. Interactive eLearning materials are both engaging and effective.  I’m looking forward to creating more materials in the coming years for this website.

Stay tuned! 🙂