Rachael Herman, Marketing ConsultantThe Uneducated American Businesswoman

Business Owner, Copywriter, Strategist, College Drop-Out; I’ve never been much of a conformist.

I’ve spent time in a variety of industries including healthcare, customer service, retail, food & beverage, legal, hospitality, manufacturing, telemarketing, outdoor sales, educational (shocking, right?), and environmental.  I can’t even begin to list the job positions I’ve held and grew into as I made my way (the hard way) through life.

I learned marketing through experience, observation, and an insatiable curiosity about how the world (and people) work.  I take at least two industry-related trainings per month, and I’m always asking questions.  I may not have the length of experience as some in my field, nor the educational background, but I do have the resources to implement both developed and new skills.  You can see some of my (and my team’s) clients here on my business’ website.   I don’t have any published case studies, but I bring work examples to meetings.

If you want to learn more about my current clients and how I (and my team) can help you grow your business, with full transparency and creative inspiration, let’s schedule a call.  It’s brief and informal, with no strings attached.  I’m a great conversationalist, and you’ll learn that I care deeply about your goals and opinions.

A copywriter can breathe life into your vision, helping you live the dream of owning a successful, flourishing business.

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