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Inbound and content marketing brought you to my neck of the woods.

That's cool. Welcome.

What Kind of Writing Do You Need?


Copywriting, social media, website content, email, blogging, ads and aditorials, and virtually any content that leads a customer to purchase.


Sales writing is for the bottom of the funnel and includes upselling via social and email, presentations, sales collateral, installation/specs, etc.


Research writing includes long-form articles, eBooks, guides, presentations, and anything that requires time-intensive research.

Speeches & Scripts

Whether you need a presentation speech or a video script, I can help you develop a story that's unique to your personality and way of speaking.

Everything Starts with Words

One thing I love about the English language is its vast diversity.  It’s an enormous, ever-growing vocabulary with lots of quirks and rules that make it the most difficult language in the world to learn.

We think in words and images that are formed by words.  They’re powerful tools that can be used to harm or heal, excite or terrify.  They can be used to bring happiness or explosive anger, to inspire compassion or to encourage hatred. 

As a professional writer who regularly communicates with the public on behalf of clients, it’s my duty and responsibility to take that seriously.

Whether you need moral support or production support, I’m just a message away. 

Lead rhymes with read.

Lead also rhymes with read.

English is weird.

What You Should Know About My Services

First and foremost, I’m a part of a team.  My partner, Jeremy Parks, helps with the branding, website design, and visual communications.  Here are some things you should know about how I work:

  • I’m affordable, not cheap. 
  • I offer a free consultation, and I promise you’ll walk away with a few new ideas.
  • I work under my company’s name, Your Imprint. 
  • I put a heavy focus on inbound marketing methodologies.
  • I have a strange sense of humor.