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Managing content takes 

Writing services are a needed skill set. You’ve got websites, landing pages, e-mails, blogs, social posts, advertisements, training content, and sales materials. There are other things you could be doing. Let’s see if I can help you with content.

My Writing Services

It’s all about the intent. What should your content do? Entertain, engage, or educate? Do you need them to buy it, try it, or schedule it? Content is King in the digital marketing world. My writing services can help you sort out your intentions. Here are my writing services:

Content Writing

Communicate & Delight

Everything But Sales & Education

This service includes blogs, informational web pages, newsletters, long-form articles, infographics, etc.

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Sales & Outreach

All About Conversion & Sales

Advertisements, advertorials/landing pages, subscription/squeeze pages, upsell pages, product descriptions, email marketing, etc.

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ELearning Content

Train & Teach

Offer More Value with Interaction

Interactive e-learning content delights customers and motivates staff. Teach anything online.

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A Commitment to Content

Have you ever read a poorly written ad, post, website, or blog and think, “what the hell is that?” or “WOW! That was awful.” You look at it with contempt and cringe at the errors. Or maybe that’s just me.

When you see bad marketing communications, it’s usually because one of three things happened:

  1. Someone tried to save a buck by doing it themselves.
  2. They asked someone inexperienced to do the work
  3. They hired a cheap “guru” online to provide writing services.

Often, they’re sorely disappointed with the results.

Writing is a challenge even for seasoned folks like me. Anyone can slap together an internal e-mail, creative social post, or timely text message, but that’s a far cry from managing content for business marketing. That’s a whole other ball game, and it’s incredibly competitive.

If you don’t put in the time to practice the sport, you won’t be any good. I’ve been practicing since 2008.

Why This Matters

I’ve seen it happen a hundred times – poor grammar and bad messaging can tank a reputation and budget. Remember, business marketing is an investment, not an expense. You should be thinking, “how can I make this better?” Bad writing isn’t worth the time, money, or embarrassment.  Work with a reliable content writer who takes deadlines and quality seriously.

Would you like to work together?

There's no better way to start a relationship than with a small project that is quick, easy, and decisive.

Why work with me?

I’m betting you take whatever someone says about themselves with a grain of salt. We all tend to self-inflate; therefore, I’ve included some reviews below, as well as a list of my skills that you may find useful:

Testimonials for My Writing Services

Her copy was thoughtful and very well written. She took the customer profile we provided and effectively translated it into a voice that speaks to our intended audience. I was impressed with the content and also the quick turnaround time.

Corrie Angell

She quickly grasps the message and then mobilizes her impressive command of the language to successfully reach your target market...

Founder EvenBetter Coaching

Very professional, completed the project ahead of schedule. Work was excellent. Communication exceptional. Would be very happy to recommend and definitely will use again. Thank you!

Zoran Taleski

Great experience, seller understands customer needs very well and can clearly communicate/help with marketing messages.

Leo Tishin

Rachael is absolutely awesome! 101% recommend her work. She's a magician!

Premvida Athletics

A Few Work Examples

Blog Writing - Ghostwriting - Medical

Blog Ghostwriting

Working in concert with this incredible physician, I've been ghostwriting for her blog since 2014. Click the image to visit the blog.

Website Copywriting Sample

Website Copywriting

From clients looking to sell more online or get more appointments, I do a lot of website copywriting. Click the image to see the site!

eLearning Content Development

ELearning Content

Creating interactive content for schools and businesses is the most fun I have in my work. Click the image to play anatomy trivia.


Let's Work Together to Build Your Assets!

Knowing where to start is the hardest part. Get a quote for your first discover project to learn if my writing services suit your style and needs.

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